SDC New Water Project in West Baalback Region

Project in SPNL, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), West Baalback Union of Municipalities, and the Bekaa Water Establishment have joined forces to initiate the Hima and Homat Al Hima approach for the sustainable water use and management in the West Baalbak Region. The project is an extension to the previously initiated project in the West Bekaa region titled “Empowering Local communities, for Water resources Protection in West Bekaa region through Hima Approach” aiming at promoting conservation of West Baalback region water resources through empowering local youth as leaders for change, and strengthening their relationship with their spring/river; thus creating spring/river stewardship. Mr. Assad Serhal from SPNL and Mr. Lucas Beck and Mrs. Darine Saliba from SDC visited the region and presented the project and its background and objectives. Engineer Mr. Georges Risk,  Chairman of the board of Bekaa Water Establishment showed his full support to this initiative and Dr. Ibrahim Massri, Head of the West Baalbak Municipal union, also provided all that is needed to make this project a model. The project started on June 1, 2018.

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