Welcome to “Le Park Anjar”, Hima’s newest Public Park

The Governance Project titled: “Communal Governance Systems, community engagement, and public participation”; is a project within the Foundation MAVA’s ‘M6 Program’, focusing on: Identifying, analyzing, and supporting approaches to existing CGSs (Communal Governance Systems) that sustain NRM (Natural Resources Management) and biodiversity conservation, particularly: Agdal/Dehesa/Montado/Hima in the Mediterranean Basin.

Within the Governance project, SPNL supported Hima Anjar in the establishment of a public park in a municipality’s land in Anjar.

In October 2020, the municipality of Anjar with the help of locals arranged the land, underlining their engagement and high dedication. SPNL contributed financially and technically, with the constant support of our partner Air France.

On 23 November 2020, the public park named “Le Park Anjar” was officially declared. Noticing that the work in the park will continue: some planting and organizing are necessary in order to finalize the place and be ready to welcome locals and visitors.

“Le Park Anjar”, is established in honor of every Armenian Martyr. This place is open for locals and also visitors, they can gather and let nature become their home where every tree will speak to their heart a little good story.

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