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BirdLife International to spread its wings as it opens an office in Doha

For an almost entirely desert country, with no natural surface water and no forests, Qatar is home to 280 species of bird. Many of these call Qatar home for only a few days, weeks, or months a year, as they stop on their migratory paths. Keen birdwatchers can spot everything from Hoopoes and Common Chiffchaffs, which are a type of …

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The Power of a Local Tradition: Hima

Almost 1,500 years before modern conservation research arrived at the same idea, a tradition originating from the Arabian Peninsula realised the importance of community involvement when preserving natural areas and managing natural resources. Essential practice for human survival in Arabian climes, the hima was a traditional sustainable protected area system that went further than being a strategy to conserve biodiversity: …

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Book review: Birds of the Middle East

By Richard Porter Simon Aspinall and I are pleased and proud to dedicate Birds of the Middle East to BirdLife International’s Middle East conservation programme. Once again it has been great working with world recognised wildlife artists John Gale, Mike Langman and Brian Small. The result is a new book. An entirely new layout with the identification text and maps …

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