14th October the magic of migration: Save the Date for our next webinar

Our next webinar is going to be part of a month of celebration in October of the wonder that is migratory birds.

Did you know?

The longest recorded non-stop flight of a migratory birds was 11,600 KILOMETRES.  A satellite-tagged Bar-tailed godwit travelled from Alaska to New Zealand in a single, 9-day flight.
Arctic terns see more daylight than any other creature on the planet. They breed during the Arctic summer in the North and then migrate to enjoy the Antarctic summer in the South.
Bar-headed geese are one of the highest-flying migrants, crossing the Himalayas at an altitude of 9,000 – 10,000 meters.
Red knots reduce their gizzards and grow their flight muscles just before migration. After their arrival on the wintering grounds birds are famished but need to wait till their gizzards have grown enough to accommodate food again.

Join us and be inspired by our experts from across the flyways, on Wednesday 14th October, from 13:30 BST (London), by registering at the link below. The magic of migration is worth it.

Click here to register for ‘The Magic of Migration’

If you missed the last webinar (Vulture Webinar) you can now watch it online. Please help us to raise the profile of these unappreciated birds and share the webinar with your interested friends. You can find it on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

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