ACS students visited Hima Hammana .. conservation through education

In the framework for nature conservation through education, SPNL provided an outdoor education day for school students from the American Community School (ACS), of ages between 12 and 17, at Hima Hammana. This group of children represented their local school environmental club. During that day, SPNL has capacitated these children with the basic concepts of the hima approach, sustainable farming, and bird protection.

They were introduced on the basic principles of forest fire prevention and its catastrophic impact on the ecosystem. More importantly, the students were acquainted with the added value of bird conservation and about the illegal killing of birds, and the role they can play to reduce this risk within their community. Furthermore, SPNL has shared the story of Anahita, the Egyptian Vulture that was shot in 2020, and rescued by SPNL, where it is being treated and waiting to be transported back to Bulgaria, to SPNL’s counterpart, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB), and carrying with it lovely memories from Lebanon.


After that, the students did a tour within the hima farm, where got to see witness how sustainable farming is done, such as drip irrigation, permaculture, and terracing, which was completed by some cherry-picking. After that, the students supported the municipality in maintaining the Air France Park, by removing the weeds and cleaning under the trees. Finally, the students have brainstormed about they can play a role in spreading the knowledge they took among their fellow peers within the school and come up with possible fundraising campaigns to enhance the park.

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