Amman hosts BirdLife Int’l 48th Global Council Meeting 2014

Every year BirdLife Global Council meets to debate and endorse strategic issues.

The 48th Global Council for Birdlife International network of 120 societies was held in Amman last month.

Assad Serhal, Director General of SPNL and member of the Birdlife Global Council participated in the meeting that discussed the corporates social responsibility towards nature and Biodiversity.



BirdLife’s Chairman Khaled Irani who is also the President of The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, RSCN (BirdLife Partner in Jordan) welcomed the participants and guests of the meeting hosted by RSCN with the generous support of the Arab Bank.

Participants discussed issues of network development, capacity needs, fundraising opportunities, and conservation through the Preventing Extinctions Programme, the Local Empowerment Programme, the Flyways Programme, and the Forests of Hope.

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