Anjar Nature Festival “Be the Change”

As a part of its yearly celebrations to support nature conservation SPNL and the municipality of Anjar organized the Anjar Nature Festival on the 8th of August 2015. The festival of this year was titled “ Be the Change” highlighting the role of youth and women in sustaining natural resources. The festival was noted by the official opening of the “Souk AlHima Atelier” an SPNL initiative supported by SPNL partners including UN-Women, EU and MAVA foundation, the municipality of Anjar and Anjar Armenian Red Cross. The atelier displayed the crafts Armenian needle work of the women of Anjar, aiming to conserve globally endangered species. The opening was marked by an official, religious opening to commemorate the initiative in the presence of Mrs. Rana Houeirji the regional representative of the UN- Women Fund for Gender Equality in Lebanon, SPNL’s president Mr. Ramzi Saidi, Mrs. Ilke Tilder representing Bird Life Holland and the Foundation of Success, in addition to Local representatives including the municipality of Anjar, Anjar Armenian Red Cross, the religious and local institutions in the village, and its surrounding. The opening was continued by a welcome reception which highlighted Armenian culture, through the presented Armenian music and foods where several Armenian snacks & traditional drinks were served. The festival continued by the afternoon out door activities including “hiking, and biking” lead by the Anjar Local Conservation Group, which include around 25 youth group from the village.

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