Anti-Poaching Unit is ready for the migration season

The bird rescue department at the Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) has started work and is preparing for the migration season with the cooperation of sustainable hunters.
The Anti-poaching unit that works as a Liaison between for Sustainable Hunting program for SPNL ​(Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon), and the Middle East Sustainable Hunting Center (MESHC) in partnership with the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS).

The new APU’s department managed by Gabi Nader began its work in responding to the calls of hunters and conservationists in various Lebanese regions. A number of wounded birds have been found and are to be saved and treated in cooperation with the veterinarian, Dr. Abdo Kallasi. These have been placed in a special center belonging to the unit in the Kfur area, not far from the unit’s center in the Al-Ghaina area of Keserwan.

This project was launched with the support of the global Green Grants Fund (GGF) and the EV New LIFE project.

The department is currently preparing to obtain needed equipment and hold courses for sustainable, responsible hunters on how to save and treat birds when in the field, to keep pace with the autumn bird migration season, and to reduce the risks faced by birds during their flight over Lebanon.

The anti-poaching project is based on partnership and cooperation between MESHC and SPNL on the one hand, and between SPNL and the MSB – Migratory Soaring Birds Project funded by the Global Environment Fund (GEF) and the project to fight illegal hunting funded by MAVA, on the other hand.

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