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What is a “Biblical Garden”?

A Biblical Garden is a Hima where Plants and Animals stated in the bible are found especially the endangered species to enhance biodiversity.
A Biblical Garden is a place where people interact with nature peacefully with no background.

Why Donate?
Biblical Garden is ever-changing and a number of vitally important projects would struggle to get off the ground without your support. We have many exciting plans for the Garden over the coming year. From planting to using innovative techniques, can you help create a range of stunning hima-cultural projects?

What we are intended to do:
By Priorities we are willing to work on:
– Parking
– Plumbing
– Wall and Fence
– WC
– Fountain
– Guard room

Our gardens give visitors access to diverse plant collections, innovative planting designs, and the highest hima-cultural standards and practices. Your donation will help us grow our gardens, providing a year-round spectacle for visitors to enjoy.

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Shimlan, Lebanon

Shimlan is a well-known village in Mount Lebanon for the significant beauty of its nature and view.
No matter what, a long time ago citizens of the village took a decision to travel and settle in different countries due to the wars and clashes that took place in the area.
SPNL by its CEO MR. Assad Serhal found that there is an opportunity to enhance eco-tourism in Shimlan By reviving the Hima Concept through a Biblical garden. Hence, Developing this concept to become Shimlan a Hima by itself.

As known to many, SPNL aims to protect nature, birds, and biodiversity of Lebanon to ensure sustainable use of natural resources through the Hima approach. Through Biblical Garden, SPNL aims for tackling biodiversity, especially for some of the plants and animals found in the Bible. Through the Trail, SPNL enhances the relationship between two different cultures (Shimlan-Kayfoun). Through Hima Shimlan Office SPNL enhances the relationship between Hima and the committee and other Parties.

What are some of the problems that SPNL Faced? And How SPNL Solved them?
Villages deal with all kinds of NGOs in Lebanon. Due to past problems with NGOs, Shimlan’s Committee and Municipality hesitated to pass through a new experience with SPNL.
But after asking and having research, they only found credibility, hard work, and honesty.
SPNL had an arrangement with the municipality and introduced their project to the board which supported the idea.
Afterward, Project was introduced to the committees. Some of the committees refused this project.
SPNL invited people who refused and listened to their complaints. Hence, we were able to convince them about the importance of the project.
Due to the presence of SPNL in Kayfoun, we found that there is a historical lack of conversation between Shimlan and Kayfoun.
SPNL arranged a small project that enhances the relations between the two Villages, HIMA COMMITTEE, which is a meeting between the citizens of the two villages and lets them discuss their issues to come up with solutions.
Furthermore, a Hima For Peace trail started between the Biblical Garden in Shimlan and the Qur’anic Garden in Kayfoun.


Biblical Garden’s activities

School with No Walls -SNOW activities

After having training sessions with the specialist Andre we will be having outdoor sessions for kids in the Biblical Garden.
Outdoor activities will also be held in the Biblical Garden

Yoga activities
The biblical Garden will be a place where people find calmness and interact with nature.
A small library will also be found in the bungalow found in the Biblical Garden

Eco-tourism activities

Biblical Garden’s aim is to create activities for tourists to enjoy nature such as hiking, animal watching, hiking, and meditation.

Main events

Basket Ball Competition for persons with Disabilities.
This event will combine different people from the area under the concept of Hima for Peace to enhance relations between Committees.
Furthermore, you will find sub-activities related to nature.

Summer Exhibition
Souk El Hima is a project that SPNL works on
to support local and organic products.
An exhibition for different local producers will be held beside the Biblical Garden so People will interact with each other and with nature.

Christmas Event
Snow Program is a project where SPNL gives sessions for kids between age 8 and 13 to enhance the importance of nature in their minds so they become in the future aware about the importance of nature.
This Event will include a lot of kids with fun activities about the importance of nature.

Hima Shimlan Office

Hima Shimlan Office is where we work on our projects as desk work such as :
– Researches
– Planning
– Meeting with other parties
– Budgets
– workshops
– Introducing Hima to the committee

Hima Village
Shimlan Hima Village is a one-of-a-kind project which we are working on and is to make the whole village a Hima.
This Huge Project is divided into 17 to 18 micro projects each emphasizing the importance of eco-tourism, biodiversity, nature, people, communication, and many others.

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