Can you help the turtle-dove in its ‘Flight for Survival’?

Every year, millions of migratory birds are unlawfully killed as they embark on their epic journeys between their homes in Europe and Africa.   

Right now, the European turtle-dove has started its journey back to its breeding grounds. Populations have been wiped out by up to 49% in the last 16 years. With its survival at stake, it is now critical that we end the illegal slaughter of this globally threatened species before it’s too late.

The Greek islands seem like paradise – for birds and people alike. They are a very important resting site for turtle-doves who arrive here starved and exhausted after their long and hazardous crossing of the Saharan desert followed by the Mediterranean Sea. Tragically, each spring they are greeted with a shower of gunshots.

Over 70,000 turtle-doves are estimated to be illegally slaughtered here each spring, making it one of the worst bird killing blackspots along the entire African-Eurasian flyway. And they are crossing this dangerous area over the next few days.

In response to the killing, BirdLife International has launched Flight for Survival, a campaign raising awareness of this issue globally, with particular focus on seven illegally killed bird species. Your generous donation could help HOS (Birdlife in Greece) tag endangered turtle-doves with satellite tracking devices and help them survive.

Our new campaign aims to raise awareness of this relatively little-known crisis. We are following the migration journey of seven species – the Egyptian Vulture, European Turtle-dove, European Honey-buzzard, Eurasian Blackcap, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Common Quail and White Stork –  as they travel from Africa to their spring breeding grounds in Europe, exposing the different dangers as they pass through some of the worst illegal killing “blackspots”.

Please visit our campaign hub, to see the conservation work being undertaken and how your donations can help.


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