CEPF Photo Contest Finalist – Which is Your Favorite?

SPNL participated in the CEPF (Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund) photo contest and three SPNL pictures have been chosen as finalists among others.

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) invited its grantees to enter its first Digital Photo Contest.

The images should highlight CEPF’s support in enabling civil society to participate in and benefit from conserving some of the world’s most critical ecosystems. Hot topics include local people in CEPF areas of investment, livelihoods of local communities, freshwater sources, agriculture, forest protection, technology used in the field, species endemic to the hotspots, or actual documentation of a CEPF-supported project in the process of being executed.

The three pictures were shot in Hima el-Fekha during the implementation of the project Demonstrating Community-based Sustainable Management of Important Eastern Mediterranean KBA in Anti-Lebanon Mountains.

The grand-prize winner’s image will be featured on the homepage of CEPF’s website, with a link to a gallery featuring other entrant’s images as well. The grand-prize winner’s image may also be featured in a CEPF blog illustrating your CEPF funded project. All images will be reviewed for possible inclusion in the 2013 CEPF Annual Report or for placement on the CEPF website or in other forms of CEPF or Conservation International communication.

pic3 cepf pic2 cepf

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