Closing Ceremony for Andaket EU funded project

The EU funded project entitled “Revive traditional approaches for the benefit of the future” is implemented in Andaket, Upper Akkar. The duration of this project is 18 months where its main objective is to promote conservation of communal natural resources through revival of traditional community based approaches. It is implemented by SPNL and the Andaket municipality in collaboration with Scouts of Andaket.

On June 7, 2014 there was a closing ceremony for the project that took place at the municipality. SPNL gave a presentation about their major achievements throughout the project duration. This was followed by a detailed presentation about the importance of the traditional water system and its revival by an expert consultant.

Further, June 19, 2014 witnessed an official closing ceremony that took place in Andaket. The ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of the European Union as well as many officials, the mayor of Andaket and many other surrounding villages as well as many NGOs and governmental institutions. The main activities achieved by both SPNL and the municipality were highlighted. The following activities included:


Andaket project pic 2

-Adoption of the Hima approach through a common action plan

-The municipal council and representatives trained on the Hima approach and adapt it to their own environmental conditions and needs

-The scouts trained on the Hima approach and transmit it to other young people

– Declaring Oudine forest a Hima site through municipal decree

-Establishment of scout camping site for awareness and training of the youth and conservation of the forest

-Development of a brochure for Andaket

– Development of a research-action developed study on customary water management system and adaptation to the new needs. Representatives of municipal council trained on the customary water management system.

– Dissemination of lessons learned

The ceremony was ended by a thank you to the EU for their fund and looking forward for future collaborations.



Hima Andaket

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