Cultural Conservation Practices in the Mediterranean Basin

MAVA FoundationSPNL has recently initiated a new project supported by the MAVA Foundation under the title of “Assessing and Supporting Cultural Conservation Practices in the Mediterranean Basin”. Several Mediterranean countries are going to take part in this project, Spain, Turkey, Greece and Tunisia to name a few, and SPNL will be responsible for assessing the status of cultural conservation practices in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

The project will be implemented in two phases, phase one which will focus on assessing and gathering data on the current existing cultural practices taking place in the Mediterranean basin, will finish by end of August 2013. As for the second phase, 2-3 cultural practices will be chosen, where focused support and more in-depth research will be conducted.

Another project funded by the MAVA Foundation has recently been launched during the Bird Migration Festival in Anjar under the title of “Restoring Hima Ecosystem functions through promoting sustainable community based water management systems”. More updates on this project in the weeks to come.

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