Discover the New Hiking Trails of Kayfoun and Shimlan

Kayfoun and Shimlan hosted the launching of the hiking trail connecting the two villages.
More than 25 people from the villages of Shimlan, Ainab, and Kayfoun hiked the trail with 2 local guides from Kayfoun, in presence of Rev’d Nabil Shehadeh and more than 12 kids from different ages.
The day started at Mount Lebanon Hima Center, whereby an introduction and brief about SPNL and the different ongoing activities and programmes were given to the participants.
Hikers were happy to know that such ecotouristic, cultural, and environmental activities are starting to take place in Mount Lebanon, whereby they had the chance to explore the beauty and nature of their villages and kids were really excited to meet one of the favorite resident species the “Hedgehog”.
New ideas and suggestions were provided from them in order to make the best out Mount Lebanon Hima Center and the delineated trail.

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