Empowering Local communities for Watershed Management in West Bekaa through Hima Approach

The Society for The Protection of Nature in Lebanon-SPNL will be working with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation- SDC in partnership with the Bekaa Water Establishment- BWE on a new project entitled ” Empowering Local communities, especially Youth and Women for Watershed Management in West Bekaa region through Hima Approach” aiming to promote conservation of West Bekaa region water resources (watershed of Chouf Mountain Landscape) through empowering local youth as leaders for change, and strengthening their relationship with their spring/river; thus creating spring/river stewardship.
West Bekaa region is one of the most rich areas for biodiversity in Lebanon, from forest, low lands, wetlands,…flyway for wetland birds and raptors, and located in the middle of Mount Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon ranges between Chouf Biosphere reserve, Ammiq wetlands, and Qaroun lake as IBAs.
West Bekaa is also watershed for Chouf Mountain Landscape emanating into natural springs, rivers, and wetlands that feed into the Upper Litani River.
The idea of the project is to conserve the West Bekaa region, its water resources and related cultural practices through Hima community based approach and empowering local communities, especially youth and women as stewards for change.
The project will support Mava project “Building the ecologic and socio-economic resilience of the Shouf Mountain Landscape by restoring and strengthening the socio-cultural fabric, which sustains its biodiversity and cultural values (Lebanon)” by focusing on Homat Al Hima in west Bekaa region and thus promoting awareness and empowerment of local people, especially underprivileged groups, youth and women. It will stress their leadership role in the management of their water resources, aiming to improve the status of water resources in West Bekaa region especially with the drastic pollution of Al Litani River that is increasing day by day.

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