Club’s Cabinet (from left to right): Marianne Touma, Hala Haddad, Lara Abdallah, Rea Al Hallal, Lyne El Khatib, Mohammad Fleyfel and Houssain El Zoaby.

Evergreen Environmental Club

Evergreen club was initiated in 2017 in order to start and maintain a successful environmental society at AUB. The club continues to pursue its activities in 2018 under the slogan: “THERE IS NO PLANET B”. Our vision is to create an environmental friendly society at AUB which can get the students actively involved in Environmental Education which will make it an ideal place to study the local environment and to contribute to solving environmental problems. By the end, members of the Evergreens Club will have learned about, improved, and helped the environment by working on and off campus and with many NGOs. This year, the club has many projects that will be achieved through working with other known environmental and social associations and NGOs in Lebanon. The club has three main projects: The Recycling project, the Law project and the Save the Birds / Endangered Animals Project. The club is proud to be collaborating with SPNL on these projects.

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