Here’s how 7 iconic migratory bird species spent the spring & summer

Digging metre-long tunnels, luring away predators, stealing other bird’s nests… the breeding season is never dull for these seven bird species, which are now leaving Europe for the warmer climate of Africa.

By Jessica Law

This article is part of our Spring Alive programme, which aims to inspire and educate children across Africa and Eurasia about the wonders of nature and bird migration. The 2021 Spring Alive season has been made possible with the continuing support of HeidelbergCement


Right now, many migratory birds are returning to Africa for a much-deserved rest after the intensive activity of the breeding season. They will use the coming months to moult their old feathers and grow shiny new plumage to impress next year’s mate. They will also eat as much as they can, building up their fat stores before setting off next spring to start the process all over again.

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