Homat Al Hima Training: A chain of peace

Over five days, Homat Al Hima Kayfoun- Shimlan- Souk El Ghareb- Bayssour were trained from SPNL within the project “Trail of Peace” with UNDP.
This trail creates a chain between the communities and connects them together under the supervision of our mother nature.
The training was held in Mount Lebanon Hima Center, Kayfoun and practice sessions took place in Hima Kayfoun and Hima Hamanna.
The expressive and participative sessions included many subjects:
Birds; their migration, identification, observation.
An ecotourism day; with details on how to manage a group of people and how to entertain visitors on the trail.
Protected areas; what are protected areas and how to elaborate and a Hima.
And the final day was a team building session where Homat Al Hima learned to work, communicate, and think as a group: one solid unit.

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