Khajag strawberries in Anjar

For the first time in long years, Anjar and the whole Lebanese lands faced a suffocating sandy storm weather, lasting for a full week and reducing the color of nature, changing it to yellow. Still, the strawberries of Khajag shine with their beautiful glowing red, hiding below the leaves, and spreading to cover more than five times the surface planted. We visited the site during the mid of September and scoped the strawberry plants, seeing how beautiful they were, how appealing and according to my friend, how tasteful they are.
photoKhajag is now cultivating the Albion variety, the fruit is very large, the plant is flourishing in the low PH soil of the mountain, and the taste is perfect, the true taste of strawberries. Khajag is still inviting people to his field to eat and feel satisfied by his sensational product. He is cultivating few kilograms daily, and leaving the rest for the visitors to enjoy. Most visitors are taking their children to enjoy the special fruit, and watching them happily searching among the plants to discover the hidden ones.
This plantation interested Khajag more than vegetables, and started now expanding his land by excavating solely the rocky mountain and adjusting new raw and screening the available soil left. In few weeks, an additional 300 m will be completed, adding more than 3000 strawberry plants to his garden. SPNL expert taught him how to chill his new strawberry stems and plant them in the early spring to cover the new amended area. Next summer, Khajag will be ready to start the PYO (Pick Your Own) where people will pay a fee to eat and collect a pint.
A successful project in Anjar, still progressing and aiming for better life status to the residents through healthy tasteful antioxidant fruits, with magnificent health benefits.

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