Master the art of the perfect “Light” jam!

HHIC- West Beqaa, Lebanon

On 11 December 2020, the center was boiling with the joy of learning how to make high-fruit jam. Under the MSB project and in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, SPNL proposed a jam-making class to farmers and women of the Beqaa region. Before the cooking class, we opened the morning with an overview on food safety techniques and on our Hima Farm nature-friendly agricultural practices.

Sweet secrets

During this hand-on experience, we busts the myth that jams could only be tasty if full of sugar.  Fady Abi Nader, Expert in Food Safety and production, shared sweet secrets for healthy jams, sweetened with natural stevia powder, a sweet-tasting plant and Maltitol, sugar alcohol found naturally in some fruits. He gave expert teaching and advice, using standard home kitchen equipment. The class mastered the simple tricks of jam-making, and is now able to use all manner of fruits to make their own preserves.

This homemade jam with seasonal quinces has a decidedly different flavor.

Sustainable agriculture model 

This jam-making session is part of a series of events within the MSB project towards efficient agriculture and community empowerment. Agricultural intensification has proven to be one of the key threats driving bird population decline worldwide. This is why, through the Hima Farm, the MSB project aims to promote and support a truly sustainable agriculture model by reducing use of agrochemicals which would decrease the impact of poisoning on Migratory Soaring Birds. Developing food produce from eco-friendly grown crops raises the capacity of farmers and women to upgrade their livelihood while considering the biodiversity conservation dimension.

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