Meet the Eco-Travelling Kid Samuel Hodge

Samuel Hodge is a 7 years old Eco-Travelling Kid! SPNL is happy to announce that Samuel and his family will be visiting Lebanon next spring, and we are very enthusiastic to have Samuel get involved with us. He will be visiting Hima Anfeh in North Lebanon in one of the best Birding Adventures. The trip will be guided by Dr. Ghassan Jaradi, the ornithologist of SPNL.

Anfeh and its surrounding are covered by salines all along the length of the bay. These salt marshes add a typically pretty note to the landscape, especially with the traditional wind wheel which pumps seawater. The production of sea salt is a staple of the local economy. “White gold”, as it is called, provides for an inexhaustible natural resource which can thus be extracted without endangering the environment. The salt marshes attract a large number of birds.

Samuel’s Blog tells the whole story of his adventures with Birds and turtles. In April 2017 he traveled to Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary and Bundala National Park in Sri Lanka. In his first official bird banding outing, Samuel and his family drove to Jubail, about one hour north of Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia. The certified bander is Jem Babbington of the U.K.  Many species of Warbler, and even a couple of Kingfishers that he got to hold before releasing.




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