New Call for Letters of Inquiry for Small Grants

On behalf of the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) and the Donors’ Initiative for Mediterranean Freshwater Ecosystems (DIMFE), BirdLife International announces a call for proposals for Small Grants in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cabo Verde, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Montenegro, Morocco, North Macedonia, Palestine and Tunisia.

Nouvel appel à propositions de Lettres d’Intention pour des Petites Subventions:

Au nom du Fonds de partenariat pour les écosystèmes critiques (CEPF) et le Collaboratif de bailleurs de fonds pour les écosystèmes d’eau douce en Méditerranée (DIMFE), BirdLife International annonce un appel à propositions pour des petites subventions en Albanie, Bosnie-Herzégovine, Cap-Vert, Égypte, Jordanie, Liban, Libye, Monténégro, Maroc, Macédoine du Nord, Palestine et Tunisie.


Eligible Countries:          Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cabo Verde, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Montenegro, Morocco, North Macedonia, Palestine, Tunisia

Opening Date:                 Tuesday 21 February 2023

Closing Date:                   Tuesday 28 March 2023, 23.59 GMT

Project Budget:               Maximum USD 50,000 per grant

Project Timeframe:         Projects can start from 1 June 2023 at the earliest, and must be completed by 31 October 2024 (so they should be no longer than 17 months)

This call for proposals focuses on Strategic Direction 2: Support the sustainable management of water catchments through integrated approaches for the conservation of threatened freshwater biodiversity:

  • Investment Priority 2.1: Enhance the knowledge base on freshwater biodiversity and the importance of freshwater ecosystem services.
  • Investment Priority 2.2: Take action to reduce threats and improve management of selected sites (KBAs) in catchment management zones (CMZs) with the participation of local stakeholders.
  • Investment Priority 2.3 Engage with government, private sector and other stakeholders to support integrated river basin management practices that reduce threats to biodiversity in catchment management zones (CMZs).

All Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) and Catchment Management Zones (CMZs) in the Mediterranean hotspot are eligible under this call for proposals. Please make sure that your project benefits the following species:

  • Globally or regionally threatened freshwater species, specifically those species which are listed as EX, EW, CR, EN, or VU on the Global IUCN Red List or on a relevant Regional Red List (EuropeanMediterranean).
    • Species that are listed as threatened on national Red Lists are only eligible if they are also listed on the Global or a Regional Red List
    • Note that Data Deficient (DD) and Not Evaluated (NE) species can be considered if you apply under Investment priority 2.1.
  • Species have to be associated with IUCN Habitats 5 category Wetlands (inland).

Non-governmental organizations, community groups, universities and private enterprises may apply for funding. Individuals must work with civil society organizations to develop applications rather than apply directly. Organizations must have their own bank account and be authorized under relevant national laws to receive charitable contributions. If you are not sure if you are eligible, please contact Maaike Manten, RIT Manager, at before you start writing your application.

For more information, please refer to the Call for Proposals.

How to Apply

Please carefully read the call for proposals document, available below, which provides detailed requirements and instructions.

Letters of Inquiry can be submitted in English or French.

Applicants must submit their Letter of Inquiry by the deadline to

The Regional Implementation Team will organise an information webinar about this call for proposals on Thursday 9 March 2023 at 12 noon CET in English and French (with support available in Arabic, Portuguese, Serbo-Croat and Albanian).  Please use the Zoom link.

If you have any general questions about this call for proposals, please contact the Regional Implementation Team leader Questions will be accepted and responded to until Tuesday 21 March 2023.

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