Project Planning workshop Using the Opening Standards Approach

Through the generous support of the MAVA Foundation, SPNL organized an evaluation and a phase II Planning Workshop for the project titled “ Restoring Hima Ecosystem Function through community based Management “using the Opening Standard Approach . The workshop was lead by of Mrs. Ilke Tilder from the Foundation of Success and a Coacher on the Open Standards method. The workshop took place from the 10th until the 14th of August 2015, in Anjar Souk Al-Hima atelier , in the presence of the local representatives working with SPNL on Hima revival from Anjar and Kfar Zabad village, in addition to SPNL team.


The workshop revealed a distinguished progress in the current MAVA project through the indicators and results highlights by SPNL ornithologist Dr. Ghassn Jaradi, in addition to the representatives from the local community including the ‘ Anjar Municipality and Water Users Association, and awareness committee”, where a noted progress was realized through the increased number of Syrian Serin Bird Species in the village, the improved monitoring of the River Otter, in addition to the improved status of the Water Management in Anjar as highlighted by the WUA representative , further to the increased awareness of the local community of Anjar and Kfar Zabad on the Hima biodiversity.

The workshop continued by highlighting the needs to be addressed in the site as perceived by the local community based on identified gaps, where the community highlighted the importance of continuing the improvement of water management in relation to agriculture in both villages in addition to raising awareness about the Hima ecosystem and biodiversity. However, some new important strategies were revealed by the local community including hunting management, management of domestic water use and solid waste management, in-addition to the development of an eco-tourism strategy which could be strengthened through creating partnerships with the present private restaurants and hotels in the area.


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