Season’s Greeting from SPNL

Assad Serhal SPNL GDTime again for me to address the changing of the season, and to give the old year one last hug.

With 2014 almost at an end, it’s a good time not only to reflect on the year’s achievements, but also to look forward to what 2015 may bring for us. We’ve had a good year in 2014, and experienced a number of positive changes as we continued delivering on our commitment towards nature and people.


I feel like it is important to start the new year with enthusiasm and optimism, and to aim high. I know if I aim high, even if I miss, I’m still going to get somewhere. I know it sounds like I’ve been drinking too much out of the happy cup. But that is because I have seen the impossible. I do believe in hope. I do believe in the harmony between people and nature.

My hopes for the year to come remain much the same as last year: to always make the better choice, to keep sight of what is most important, to help more of those who need my services, to make more friends around the world, to persevere in doing what I can to carve out a world that is a little bit safer.

I also intend to eat healthier exercise more, and take some time to relax. I think the very reason we celebrate a new year is so that a door can be closed and a new one opened. Isn’t it exciting? Behind the portal of 2015, anything could be waiting. all that new stuff about to unfold.

Perhaps life would be boring without regrets. The measure is not to be a prisoner of regret but to take joy in today, whatever it brings. You know what they say about clouds and their silver linings, tunnels and the light at the end.

I wish you all the lights and silver linings, and none of the clouds. And if the clouds do come, God willing, there is always tomorrow.

May the force be with you in 2015,

Assad Serhal

Serhal Assad


SPNL General Director


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