SNOW’s perception of educational environment based on the importance of birds

As part of the behavioral change that SPNL is seeking to achieve within the Lebanese community, a SNOW (School with No Walls) session for 36 students, ages 9 and 10, from the Saint Jean School in West Beqaa.

This session revolved around the importance of birds and the migration routes of birds, primarily birds that migrate along the Lebanese flyway. The birds that were discussed in depth are Egyptian Vultures, Whites Storks, Lesser Spotted Eagles and Pelicans among others.

This session was linked with outdoor activities to better enhance the connection of children with their surrounding nature. Moreover, as a gesture and remembrance a pin of a bird that migrates over Lebanon and a nature coloring book was given to the children. This session is part of the EV NewLIFE project, funded by the EU.









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