SPNL and ACS participates in MAVA training workshop in Switzerland

On March 22-23, 2018 Mava organized for its Mediterranean project coordinators a training workshop on the monitoring and evaluation of the outcome action plans (M1_2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7 OAPs). The two days training workshop was held in Mava headquarter offices in Gland, Switzerland.

The Shouf Landscape project coordinators Ms. Jamal Hamzeh of SPNL and Mrs. Lina Sarkis of ACS participated in the training workshop as part of the M6 project aiming at conserving the Mediterranean Cultural Landscapes.

At the core of the M6 partnership, there are 4 pilot sites: the Shouf Mountains in Lebanon, the Island of Lemnos in Greece, the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and the Dehesas and Montados Grasslands in Spain and Portugal.

The 8 M6 Mediterranean partners are SPNL, ACS, GDF, MedINA, Transhumancia y Naturaleza, IUCN-MED, DiversEarth, and IUCN.

The main aim of the training workshop was to help design the best monitoring and evaluation process, simple and useful, following the Open Standards principles. The adaptive management training was provided and facilitated by FOS Europe (Foundations of Success in Europe), through Mrs. Ilke Tilders and Mr. Nico Boenisch.

During the 1st day, the essence of the adaptive management, the theory of change, indicators, and work plans were discussed, in addition to the steering committee, how it is envisaged to function, the preparation for steering committee meetings, the different roles, and responsibilities, outcomes of SCM, etc…
During the second day, further discussions about the steering committee took place. In addition, the follow-up component on the SCM and adaptation of the OAP theory of change, work plans, and budgets, the mid-term evaluation and M6 deliverables timeline were discussed thoroughly.

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