SPNL Highlights New Volunteer Opportunities to Help Save the Environment

“Are you passionate about the environment? Do you have a lot of time on your hands? If yes, would you be interested in volunteering to help with environmental conservation projects in Lebanon?

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) is one of Lebanon’s oldest environmental NGOs, founded in the 1980s.

A major part of SPNL’s focus is the Hima, an ancient conservation system that has been revived in recent years.

Over the last decade or so, a number of environmentally sensitive areas have been designated as Himas in collaboration with concerned municipalities.

The Hima is a grassroots, community-based form of conservation system that promotes the sustainable use of natural resources. This is a great chance for people to make a difference in our country and the world we all live in!

Volunteers can be useful in many different capacities with regard to nature conservation.

If interested, be sure to contact Amer Saidi, the Volunteer Coordinator at SPNL – amersaidi@gmail.com

Fill the application below for available volunteer opportunities

*The time period for volunteering is usually open-ended and can be agreed upon between volunteers and SPNL

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