SPNL participates in MAVA’s Strategic Planning Workshop for the Mediterranean Basin Programme

From 17 to 19 September 2015 in Gland, Switzerland, MAVA Foundation organised the second workshop to develop its strategy for the Mediterranean Basin for the period of 2016–‐2022.
Participants from research groups, NGOs, and funding organisations attended. Assad Serhal, the Director General of SPNL represented the organization.
The purpose of the workshop was to:
1. Refine conservation targets proposed by the MAVA team based on the results of a first workshop with MAVA long–‐term partners;
2. Identify direct threats to these targets;
3. Identify potential conservation strategies to reduce the threats;
4. Select amongst these strategies those apt to be supported by the MAVA Foundation.

Workshop participants reviewed the proposed conservation targets and reformulated them as follow:
Landscapes of high ecological value maintained by human practices

Key basins and aquifers for biodiversity and ecosystem services

Coastal and island wetlands of high ecological value

Key habitats for marine resources and biodiversity

Critical fishery resources
Following the definition of the conservation targets and in addition to criteria proposed by the MAVA team, workshop participants proposed more criteria to narrow down where to intervene on each target within the Mediterranean Basin.


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