SPNL participates in the Mediterranean Consortium meeting in Greece

SPNL team has attended the Mediterranean Consortium meeting in Greece from July 27 till July 31 2015. The team consists of Assad Serhal – SPNL Director General, Shalimar Sinno- Project Manager, and Henri Bou Obeid – Chairman of Bioland (SPNL Partner) .

The aim of the meeting was to discuss further the project’s phase 2 for the coming 2.5 years. SPNL’s partners from Spain, Greece, Tunisia, and Switzerland had their inputs on how they see the project moving and how they will ensure the sustainability of the consortium.

A new steering Committee were formed , where Assad Serhal will be representing SPNL .

The meeting coincided with On the Move exhibition on Greece. The exhibition took place in the Averoff Museum in Metsovo, Greece.

Metsovo is the study area for transhumance for the Greek partners and the largest center of Shepherds in Greece.

The four days were full of activities addressing the culture and history of the place one of which was a dinner at one of the shepherd’s farms with bonfire and another was a visit and dinner to one of the oldest wineries in the town.

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