SPNL signs MOU with The Cooperation without Borders (CWB) for Tailored Development

On 24 November 2017, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Cooperation without Borders (CWB) for Tailored Development.

Whereas SPNL mission is to protect nature, birds, and biodiversity in Lebanon and promote the sustainable use of resources by reviving the concept of Al Hima;

Whereas, CWB mission is to promote community-based socio-economic development and resilience in remote rural areas in Lebanon;

Acknowledging the longstanding cooperation between members of both organizations to help vulnerable communities across Lebanon;

Determined to further develop and strengthen their cooperation in order to serve better vulnerable communities and to strategize their interventions for improved effectiveness and efficiency while working together to mitigate field challenges;

Recognizing that poverty, livelihoods’ development, and environmental protection are multi-dimensional and affected by the increased threat of climate change and that there is a need for collective action to achieve sustainable impacts and resilience toward 2030 SDGs.

Both organizations agreed to improve and strengthen their cooperation as follows:

Common priorities

To ensure better environmental protection and improved sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable communities in Lebanon, SPNL and CWB decided to prioritize the following key areas for joint action:

Promoting and advocating for the application and understanding of environmental laws and regulations in remote areas

Respecting, promoting, and disseminating the HIMA concept aiming to increase the sustainable access of the local population to natural assets and strengthen human-environment relation

Promoting good environmental practices and preserving natural resources, while ensuring environmental sustainability in various socio-economic development interventions

Empowering and targeting youth and women in remote areas to lead the development process and influence local socio-economic development plans

Supporting the initiation of sustainable livelihoods as a mean for environmental protection in vulnerable communities

Modalities and Coordination

SPNL and CWB will rely on systematic collaboration to improve implementing, monitoring and evaluation

In the Northern Bekaa governorate, CWB will work closely with SPNL to design, implement, and evaluate projects falling under common priorities

Both parties are committed to introduce each other as official partners and strengthen joint-efforts in accessing funding opportunities

Monitoring and Reporting

SPNL and CWB shall revise and evaluate on a yearly basis all actions taken during the previous period in order to update, add or remove any item agreed and committed by both parties to work on it or to go through

An annual meeting should be held yearly to evaluate the previous year achievements and discuss any obstacles and challenges

Communication on site to solve technical problems and other challenges could be carried out directly between the designated field staff. Regarding major and critical points, a discussion between chairmen or boards of directors will be necessary

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