SPNL Summer Camp 2014 in Hima Anjar –Kfar Zabad

Since its initiation, SPNL has always managed to merge along its various programs and projects awareness campaigns and education tools for the public. Throughout its work SPNL engaged in several awareness campaigns, produced numerous education tools and products to inform the public and deliver the desired information to its
public audience in order to elevate their awareness on environmental issues.

This year SPNL organized a summer camp for students in Hima Anjar –Kfar Zabad on 11 and 12 September 2014  as part of SNOW project “School with No Walls – SNOW Program”. The SNOW Program is an outdoor and nature education program targeting school students (8 – 12 years old) launched at Hima Anjar –Kfar Zabad in September 2013, through the
initiation of the first Hima Educational Summer Camp in the area. SNOW is an educational program initiated by SPNL in collaboration with its partner Great Escape one of the leading nature based tourism companies in Lebanon.
The upcoming program consists of several activities including Hands on Programs and Learning through fun. SNOW aims to raise awareness about IBAs and KBAs habitat and species, respect nature and appreciate cultural practices and values.

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