#Spring_Photo_Shoot exhibition to promote responsible hunting

Under the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment, represented by Lara Samaha, Head of Department of Conservation of Nature Wealth, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon and the Middle East Sustainable Hunting Center, in partnership with their local and international partners Sayd Magazine, Bioland, Birdfair and BirdLife International, launched the exhibition “Spring Photo-Shoot” exhibition, in Ras Maska Al Koura in Badr Hassoun Ecovillage.
To promote responsible hunting, SPNL asked responsible hunters and Birdwatchers to get out into nature, and take a photo of a video of a Bird instead of shooting it, because spring is the typical mating season for most bird species. Hunting is prohibited and illegal during this period. The responsible hunters used their smartphones and captured a nice shoots for birds. Responsible Hunters and Birdwatchers from all over Lebanon joined SPNL and its partners to honour the winners in the exhibition.

Among participants the international team of ‘Bird Guards’ from the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) headed by Axel Hirschfeld CABS Operations officer. “We are very grateful for the support of responsible hunters who are disturbed with the ongoing slaughter of migratory birds that damages Lebanon’s reputation. We are convinced that our joint efforts with the responsible hunters if supported by the law enforcement units can make Lebanon a safer flyway for the migratory birds in the future”. Hirschfeld concluded.

Adonis Khatib president of Middle East Centre for Responsible Hunting thanked all hunters for the #Spring_Photo_Shoot campaign promising to repeat the same event next year with a wider participation.

SPNL Director Assad Serhal said that our cry for stopping this illegal and irresponsible acts , comes at a very crucial times for our beloved Lebanon , where our heroes are dying to protect our borders from terrorists , and our Presidency and concerned ministries are calling for a peace between People and nature and birds , for the benefit of All , and a prosperous and healthy environment in Lebanon .

“We and a growing number of Lebanese people and responsible hunters too , are frustrated by the few that insist on breaking the law , and displaying their photos and illegal acts on social media, but this exhibition is a good proof that we are struggling to proof that responsible hunters exists and they are doing their best to protect nature and birds”. Serhal concluded.


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