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Hand rearing and releasing of Syrian Woodpecker, a first rehabilitation model of its kind in Lebanon

By Ghassan Rmadan-Jaradi & Assad Serhal Phenological Status in Lebanon The Syrian Woodpecker Dendrocopus syriacus was considered extirpated in Lebanon by Tohmé & Neuschwander (1974) but breeding was later confirmed in 1995 at Qammouha and Fneideq (Ramadan-Jaradi & Ramadan-Jaradi 1997). Between 1996 and 2005, this species was found nesting in hills at Hermon, above Aammiq and at Qaraoun (Ramadan-Jaradi & …

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Raouche rare “monk seal” sighting at “Sporting Beach Club”

Clear close-up video by Sarah Halabi shows “monk seal” sighting at “Sporting Beach Club” in Raouche Beirut, on Wednesday 07 June 2017 at 6:26pm. This type of seals is rare in the world, and especially in the Mediterranean, where it is one of the six most endangered animals, although it is included in the “Annex 1″ of the International Convention …

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Dead sea turtle washes up on polluted Lebanon coast

By Mohammed Zaatari| The Daily Star A dead sea turtle believed to be more than 50 years old washed up on a south Lebanon beach Thursday, after apparently choking on plastic grocery bags it mistook for jellyfish. The turtle was discovered by a group of young men while exercising on the beach, sources in Tyre told The Daily Star. Environmentalist …

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Beirut’s sea turtles under threat

With sea turtles endangered throughout the world, Lebanon, and especially the South, has fast become known as one of the marine reptiles’ main nesting areas. Government measures designed to protect the animals and its fragile habitats have lagged behind the global trend. These photos of sea turtles were taken at sporting Beirut a couple of years back, sea turtles can …

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Al Hima : a way of life

This book is the fruit of a wide collaboration. It is an expression of rich ideas. But most of all it’s an articulation of passion. Almost every person who contributed to this book is passionate about the hima question and the traditional approaches to conservation in general and the wealth in knowledge that indigenous people of this region hold in …

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