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SPNL launches new website: Butterflies and Moths of Lebanon

SPNL launches new website http://butterflies.spnl.org/. An online guide to the butterflies and moths of Lebanon, butterfly gardening, and butterfly conservation. Because of its unique location between Asia, Africa, and Europe, Lebanon has a diverse butterfly fauna. There are at least 165 species of butterflies, a number much higher than that of nearly every other country in the Middle East and …

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Butterflies migration were spotted at Hima Kayfoun and Ouzai

Amazing butterflies migration in several parts of Lebanon including Hima Kayfoun for the last three days. The butterflies were spotted also at Ouzai near the Rafic Hariri International Airport. Thousands of these butterflies migrating south. A magical spectacle. As witnessed and filmed by Maher Osta from SPNL and Ali Dagher Mayor of Kayfoun and Hima team. It’s the first-ever documentation …

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