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New population of Blue-eyed Ground-doves discovered

Four new doves have been discovered, increasing the population of the Critically Endangered bird by 26 percent.   By Margaret Sessa-Hawkins In February 2019, staff at SAVE Brasil (BirdLife Partner) began hearing exciting reports from members of the communities surrounding Botumirim State Park in the state of Minas Gerais. There had been sightings, multiple people reported, of Blue-eyed Ground-doves Columbina cyanopis (Critically Endangered), outside of …

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When Doves Die WorldBirdwatch by James Lowen

For those who like killing things, the photograph is presumably excitement itself. But for those who prefer their birdlife well, alive, the image circulating on social media is unequivocally shocking. Beaming towards the camera, four men—an entire arsenal slung casually over shoulders—proudly display the day’s feathered haul: the corpses of 30 White Storks Ciconia ciconia. In another image, a five-year-old …

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