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6,000 Endangered Steppe Eagles find refuge within refuse dumps

If you wanted to see 6,000 Endangered eagles, a rubbish dump might not be the first place you’d think of looking. But conservationists in Saudi Arabia are working to make these unlikely havens safe for the birds that call them home. By Dima Obeidat Nowadays, it is increasingly rare and mesmerising to catch a glimpse of the majestic Steppe Eagle Aquila nipalensis. …

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New study shows vulture-killing drug kills eagles too

  The results of tests carried out on two Steppe Eagles Aquila nipalensis found dead in Rajasthan, India, have shown some worrying results. Both birds had diclofenac residue in their tissues and exhibited the same clinical signs of kidney failure as seen in vultures. Scientists now fear that all species in this genus, known as Aquila (which includes Golden A. …

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News in Photos: Bonelli’s eagle (Hieraaetus fasciatus)

  Bonelli’s eagle is an agile, mostly silent hunter; its distinctive klu-klu-klu-klee call is heard mainly when it is near the nest or when mating. The plumage on the upperparts is dark brown, while the white underbelly is patterned with dark bands, and the underside of the tail is white with a single broad black band at the end. Young …

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