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Evidence of Eurasian Stone Curlew Burhinus oedicnemus breeding in Lebanon

GHASSAN RAMADAN-JARADI, FOUAD ITANI & ASSAD SERHAL Eurasian Stone Curlew Burhinus oedicnemus is a summer breeder in Turkey (Kirwan et al 1998, Boyla 2016), a resident breeder in Cyprus (BirdLife International 2015), summer breeding visitor and passage migrant in Syria (Murdoch & Betton 2008), scarce summer breeder in Jordan (Andrews et al 1999) and passage migrant, common resident and common …

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Successful Conservation of Eurasian Stone Curlew at Fakiha/Ras Baalbek IBA

During the last 138 years, the rare Eurasian Stone Curlew was recorded 10 times only in Lebanon by seven birdwatchers from different countries, and in 1983, Cramp & Simmons considered this species as extinct in Lebanon. In 2016, following four years of concerted conservation effort at this IBA, chiefly in the Hima of Fakiha; eight Eurasian Stone Curlews were recorded, …

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