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Hima Anjar Kfarzabad speaks for itself

In this film directed by Adonis Khatib Hima Anjar Kfarzabad speaks for itself.  This series of short films is part of SPNL’s project titled “Enhancing livelihoods of local Lebanese communities in Hima territories; from social, economic and natural perspectives” funded by the European Union.    

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More than 2000 visitors coming to Hima Anjar during 2016

SPNL is glad to share with you the record of reported visits to Hima Anjar site during 2016.The record shows more than 2000 visitors coming to try the Hima activities in one year ! Hima Sustainability could be assured through the capacity building of Hima Youth, and the empowerment of motivated young from the local communities. Homat Al Hima (HH) …

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IUCN-ROWA and Jordanian Officials visit Hima Anjar

August 6, 2015 witnessed an exchange visit from IUCN-ROWA and Jordanian officials to Hima Anjar to learn more about the hima site as well as understand more about the hima approach and how it is being implemented. Moreover, members from government and non-government institutions in Lebanon were also invited on behalf of SPNL. The day began with brief welcoming speeches …

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Successful Plantation Story in hima Anjar

by Rodolph Farah This story is about a young man, Khajaq Stanbulian, admirer of nature and it’s welfare, who decided to grow organic fruits for the pleasure of cultivating and for its benefits. This young man began his simple project by working in a small land at the bottom of a mountain at Hima Anjar. He removed the stones by …

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News in Photos: Hima KfarZabad cleaning day

Hima Kfar Zabad local conservation group organized a cleaning day in collaboration with Hima Anjar local conservation group. The collaboration between the two neighboring Himas is a good examples of how local groups can improve the performance and management of the sites.  

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