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Flyways: Birds have No boundary! Let’s create a safe flyway for Migratory Soaring Birds

By Bassima Khatib Lebanon lies on a strategic position: on the second most important flyway in the world between Europe & Asia downward to Africa in Autumn, and backwards in spring. More than 400 species have been recorded in Lebanon, including 37 species of migratory soaring birds that passes twice over Lebanon. Migratory soaring birds depend on thermals “Hot current” …

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Lebanese Bird Conservation Coalition: Our struggle to protect natural heritage and biodiversity continues

In the last few days, there have been several reports of illegal massacres of migrant and locally breeding birds. These shooting incidents have been recorded from the north to the south of Lebanon and many places in-between.  Further to the fact that the hunting season is closed, many of the species being killed are not legal game species. Many of them are protected by international commitments, that Lebanon is currently failing to meet …

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