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Japanese Ambassador’s observation How should we tackle natural conservation of Lebanon?

Seiichi Otsuka * The East Mediterranean, a cradle of the civilizations, is blessed with a diverse and plentiful nature. But this nature is endangered. Nowadays we can observe that the growth range of the Lebanese Cedars has diminished quite drastically. The Lebanese Cedars is historically recorded as a prized timer resource used for wooden ships sustaining the Phoenician seaborne trade. …

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Local Perspectives: action for nature and people

Local conservationists from all around the world, working within the BirdLife International Partnership, sent in video messages that show their work and their values. In the video, local conservationists from Fiji, Kenya, Iraq, Uganda, Canada, Kazakhstan, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, the Philippines and Lebanon tell us what nature means to them, show us the work they are doing on the …

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