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7 things we’re doing to protect migratory birds

This year, we held the first ever global summit for flyways conservation, uniting a panoply of countries and sectors. On World Migratory Bird Day, we’re sharing some of the most important decisions we made in order to ensure the miracle of migration will be there for future generations to enjoy. By Jessica Law Birds don’t stay put – that’s just …

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Migration Marathons: 7 unbelievable bird journeys

Around one in five of all the world’s bird species migrate. And while every migration is an epic and often perilous feat of endurance, here’s a selection of species that we feel go the extra mile. By Irene Lorenzo Ain’t no mountain high enough Species: Bar-headed Goose Anser indicus Distance travelled: 3,000-5,000 km No oxygen? No problem. These sturdy geese might …

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Please Mr. President Aoun make the sky over Lebanon safe for migratory birds!

Just a few days before the start of the spring bird migration over Your country, 52 signatories from 28 countries – mostly leading non-governmental organisations in the field of bird protection in their respective countries in Europe – are sending, President of Lebanon, his Excellency General Michel Aoun, their joint appeal in the attached letter, all hoping that, starting this …

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Migratory Birds being shot down by automatic gunfire in Dinnieh !

Lebanon’s hunting laws were repeatedly and blatantly violated over the weekend, environmental NGO Green Area said in a statement released Monday. Video surfaced over the weekend appearing to show migratory birds being shot down by automatic gunfire in Dinnieh, northern Lebanon, which the NGO termed “a scandal … in violation of all laws prohibiting the use of military weapons.” “The …

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President Aoun launches new campaign to protect migratory birds

President Michel Aoun launched a new awareness campaign to protect migratory birds that cross through the Lebanese sky during the current season. Aoun stressed that strict laws should be enforced to the fullest to prohibit hunting these birds. Aoun’s words came during a press meeting at Baabda Palace today. The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL, BirdLife …

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Kirtland’s warblers show how connecting all migration’s points can chart a way to sustainability

Around the world, thousands of migratory animals travel hundreds or even thousands of miles each year. The journey of migratory animals is more important than their destination. Scientists use the endangered Kirtland’s warblers to show how connecting all migration’s points can chart a way to sustainability. In the most recent issue of the journal Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, Michigan …

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