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SPNL launches new website: Butterflies and Moths of Lebanon

SPNL launches new website http://butterflies.spnl.org/. An online guide to the butterflies and moths of Lebanon, butterfly gardening, and butterfly conservation. Because of its unique location between Asia, Africa, and Europe, Lebanon has a diverse butterfly fauna. There are at least 165 species of butterflies, a number much higher than that of nearly every other country in the Middle East and …

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Meet Husein Ali Zorkot: SPNL’s Researcher & Scientific Illustrator is chasing the Butterflies of Lebanon

Husein Ali Zorkot is a field Biologist, Naturalist, Researcher and Scientific Illustrator at the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon is working on a set of upcoming guides. The colourful “Butterfly Gardening in Lebanon,” a field manual of… you guessed… butterfly gardening in Lebanon, with additional drawings and page after page descriptions of the 165 Lebanese butterflies and …

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