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The semi-desert area of Ras Baalbek … A hidden Gem

By Fouad Itani The semi-desert area of Ras Baalbek in the northern Bekaa region is a barren area where little precipitation occurs and consequently living conditions there are hostile to both fauna and flora. What makes this area special is a wide selection of biome-restricted species rarely found elsewhere in Lebanon. This attracts few birdwatchers but also, unfortunately, unethical hunters and poachers.     …

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The Ras Baalbek semi-desert: Lebanon’s aridland area and its birds

RICHARD PRIOR & COLIN CONROY Lebanon is a mountainous country with two parallel mountain ranges, Mount Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon, running north to south, with the Bekaa valley between. There is high precipitation along the coast and on the west facing slopes of the Mount Lebanon range and peaks, but much less in the inte- rior. This rain shadow effect …

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Successful Conservation of Eurasian Stone Curlew at Fakiha/Ras Baalbek IBA

During the last 138 years, the rare Eurasian Stone Curlew was recorded 10 times only in Lebanon by seven birdwatchers from different countries, and in 1983, Cramp & Simmons considered this species as extinct in Lebanon. In 2016, following four years of concerted conservation effort at this IBA, chiefly in the Hima of Fakiha; eight Eurasian Stone Curlews were recorded, …

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Important Bird Areas-IBAs: Ras Baalbek

Flat or gently undulating stony desert and semi-desert, rising up to a wide wadi extending eastwards into the Anti-Lebanon Range

Location: The Ras Baalbek IBA is found at the extreme north end of the Bekaa Valley, in north-east Lebanon, extending up into the foothills of the Anti-Lebanon mountain range, in between the towns of Ras Baalbek and El Qaa. Total area: 7,814ha IBA Criteria met: A3  Explanation: 10 biome-restricted species, mostly from the Saharo-Sindian Desert Biome breed here – Cream-coloured …

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