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Homat Al Hima Finds Den of Red Fox Pups in Anjar

By Bassam Alkantar SPNL’s Homat Al Hima of Anjar camera trap watches a den of red foxes in the wild forest of Hima Anjar, Bekaa Valley, Eastern Lebanon. Our most frequent comment by far is that young foxes are not called “pups,” but “kits.” While “kits” is an accurate term for young foxes, “pups” is also correct. Berj Tumberian, one …

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News in Photos: White Storks leave Germany already for the south

    A group of White Storks gather on a field in Hessen, southwestern Germany on September 2, 2013. Some migratory birds leave Germany already for the south. Photo credit: AFP PHOTO / DPA / BORIS ROESSLER

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