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Lebanese president Aoun launches Bird-themed postage stamps

Lebanese President Michel Aoun launched three bird-themed stamps to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, and to promote the awareness campaign, he launched to protect certain migratory birds in Lebanon. The postage stamps, which were unveiled during a celebration at Baabda Palace, had drawings of migratory birds that are significant to Lebanon’s biodiversity. Ibrahim Khader, Regional Director of Birdlife Middle East …

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Open letter: give our birds safe passage over Lebanon this spring

With the spring migration just a few weeks away, conservation groups the world over have come together in support of an open letter to the President of Lebanon. Croatian conservationists call for the President to honour his promise for stricter enforcement of hunting laws. By Jessica Law Last May, bird lovers were entranced by the story of Klepetan, a lovestruck White Stork Ciconia ciconia who, …

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People of the Serbian village of Taraš to President Aoun: Please make Lebanon safe for storks

  Dear Mr. President, Your Excellency General Michel Naim Aoun, I am writting to You in the name of the Association of citizens “Taraš storks” and people of the Serbian village of Taraš, which has the title of European Stork Village for the 2015. Year.   Spring migration is almost to start and we are deeply worried for the safety …

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News in Photos: White Storks leave Germany already for the south

    A group of White Storks gather on a field in Hessen, southwestern Germany on September 2, 2013. Some migratory birds leave Germany already for the south. Photo credit: AFP PHOTO / DPA / BORIS ROESSLER

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