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Together for Vultures

Vultures – they might have a bad reputation, but they play an essential role in the habitats in which they live, acting as nature’s clean up crew and providing significant socioeconomic value to local communities. Here at the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF), we are committed to ensuring a bright future for vultures in Europe. Before we became the Vulture Conservation …

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Critical decisions made for vultures, songbirds & other birds threatened by illegal trade

At a crucial meeting in Switzerland last month, governments of more than 180 countries made critical decisions to manage the escalating international trade in wildlife including vultures, songbirds, hornbills, parrots and a number of other bird species. Here are some of the highlights. Governments made critical decisions about managing the international trade of a number of highly threatened bird species …

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Action to save vultures will protect human health, say experts

A multinational plan to thwart the sudden and severe decline in vultures across Africa, Asia and Europe will be presented at a major summit on migratory species this month. Experts estimate the majority of African-Eurasian Vultures are critically endangered and at “very high risk” of extinction in the wild, mainly due to poisoning. Unless effective conservation measures are implemented, there …

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Vultures in Africa and Europe could face extinction within our lifetime warn conservationists

BirdLife International – the world’s largest conservation partnership – has announced that vultures have rapidly become one of the most threatened families of birds on the planet. In a bid to stop this important family of birds slipping towards extinction in Europe and Africa, today we have launched a global campaign asking for public support to Stop Vulture Poisoning Now. …

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