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Today, our White stork is taking off from Germany, where it has spent an idyllic summer of love finding a mate, building a nest and raising its young. Now that its chicks have fledged, it is ready to set off on its epic migration across Europe and Africa once again. On the journey to its sub-Saharan wintering grounds, it will …

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White stork … Flight for Survival

As the famous bearer of newborn babies to expecting parents, the White stork is a widely beloved symbol of good luck. Instantly recognisable, with its black-tipped white feathers and long red beak and legs, it is a familiar sight across Europe where it commonly lives close to humans, perched high upon trees, poles or village rooftops. After painstakingly constructing huge …

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Bird that solved migration mystery now illegally killed on its journey

The White stork, known in folklore as the bringer of babies to new parents, played a fascinating role in the discovery of bird migration. But now its migration is plagued by illegal killing. BirdLife Partners along its route are working hard to prevent this – and you can help. The White Stork is one of seven flagship birds in our …

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Farmer in Harmony with the White Stork in West Bekaa, Lebanon

A good sign that Lebanese farmers are becoming more friendly with White Stork, these pictures in West Bekaa shows farmer working in his land and near him the storks are resting after a long migrating journey . The diverse organizations, such as local citizen groups, environmental NGOs, government, and private sector organizations should work in close cooperation to revitalize nature …

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News in Photos: White Stork flies over a field near Reitwein

  A white stork flies over a field near Reitwein, eastern Germany, on April 19, 2014. The White Stork eats a wide range of animal prey, including insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals and small birds. AFP PHOTO /ATRICK PLEUL  

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