Third e-newsletter on the Egyptian Vulture New LIFE project

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Who is more important in the Egyptian vulture family?
In 2020, the breeding of nearly half of the Egyptian vulture population in Bulgaria will be monitored by trail cameras.
Monitoring the Migration of the Egyptian Vulture in Sarimazi, Turkey 2019

Anti-poison work

National Anti-poisoning and wildlife crime workshop in Albania.
Intentional poisoning of wildlife is now a crime in Albania.
Wessal Case: Evidence for poisoning of Egyptian Vultures in Somali region, Ethiopia.
Wessal releasing
Are the Egyptian vultures under threat from NSAIDs in their Greek territories?
Savers of the Egyptian Vulture” network in Albania.
Results of the Antipoison Dog Units’ work in Greece in 2019.
Poisoning as a threat for the avian scavengers in Lebanon.
Safe electric grid
Combat trafficking
Effect of the demand for vulture parts in Nigeria to regional vulture populations.
Establishment of a legal framework suitable for the protection of vultures in Niger.
Training for tackling the illegal wildlife trade held in North Macedonia.
Trainings on plant-based alternatives to vultures in Nigeria.
Supplementary Feeding & Nest Guarding
Great news from the first Supplementary Feeding Station for Vultures in Albania.
Captive Breeding Pool
Experimental Releasing
A Mile for the Egyptian Vulture
The video from Dead2Red Cycling Race 2019
A mile for the Egyptian vulture  – Go kids! Sofia, Bulgaria.
“EV New LIFE” on the Tirana Half Marathon.
Fly with the Egyptian vulture
The Egyptian Vulture – a guest in the arrival hall of Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan.
The message “Save the Egyptian Vulture from Extinction” spread to 2,5 million people at Abuja Airport in Nigeria.
Environmental education
The great meeting of Egyptian vultures’ “godparents” in Thrace, Greece.
Environmental education in schools in Niger
Vjosa Vulture & Vjosa River campaign
Egyptian Vulture New LIFE team at the European Vulture Conference.
Egyptian vultures are now flying back to their breeding territories. Do not miss the opportunity to follow their journey in real-time:
Enjoy the Egyptian vulture floor game.
The movie “The Last of the Egyptian Vultures”
World Migratory Birds Day 2019 celebrated in Nigeria.
Our project contributed to Nature’s Cleanup Crew movie – coming soon!
IVAD 2019 celebration in Albania– Interview with Ervin Goci.
IVAD 2019 celebration in Albania– Interview with Arber Cepani.
Interview with Dr Taulant Bino (AOS) about the campaign for the protection of Vjosa River in Albania.

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