Want to become Homat Al-Hima member? Socialize!

By Vanessa Khaddage

For most of us, social media has changed our lives in some meaningful way. Collectively it is changing the world for good. Given the pace of innovation and adoption, change has become a constant. Every so often we find the need to stop and reflect on its most recent and noteworthy developments, hence the following list.

As twitter, Facebook and other social networks continue to grab share of consumers’ time spent online – whether at a computer or via mobile phone – companies would do well to consider how to tap into the broad reach of these platforms in communicating their progress on sustainability and the environment.

At SPNL, we are passionate about the science and art of listening to and engaging with people. We also believe in the power of social media and we encourage our partners in Hima communities to leverage technology to connect with people and influencers.

On Saturday, May 14, 2016, SPNL conducted a training workshop in Anjar on Social Media; handled by Mr. Bassam Kantar, the Managing Editor at GreenArea.me, Reporter at LBCI Lebanon, and Environmental Consultant at Beyond Magazine. In addition to a Business Planning & Event Management trainings, presented by Mr. Malek Ghanem; Sales & Marketing Consultant at Gosawa – Lebanon. Participants joined from various Hima sites, namely, Hima Anjar, Hima Kfar Zabad, Hima El Fekha, and Hima Ain Zebde. After learning the different tools of social media, trends and techniques, the group launched their Facebook Page“Homat al Hima”

Facebook halhima


Following the Social Media section, participants drafted their first business plan, each for his respective Hima site, with high intentions of implementing them soon, with the support of SPNL and concerned parties.
HHWS Anjar 2


SPNL on Social media



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These accounts will serve in parallel to SPNL’s “toyourna” social media accounts









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