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Web of Life The MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity

Overcoming a prolonged state of conflict, Mr. Assad Serhal of Lebanon restored the ways of the indigenous people of coexisting with nature to achieve outstanding results.
As a zoologist, Dr. Kathy MacKinnon of the U.K. focused on scientific knowledge, as well as the knowhow of local people in raising questions with and offering proposals to policy-makers.
Dr. Abdul Hamid Zakri of Malaysia has brought together the variety of knowledge of scientists throughout the world to create opportunities for having them reflected and summarized in policies.
Organized by the AEON Environmental Foundation, and co-organized by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity of the United Nations Environment Programme, this program will focus on the activities, dreams, and the messages that the three winners of the 5th MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity have for the future.

source: https://www.jibtv.com/programs/web_of_life/

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